Covering a district with Cambium


We aim to provide Wi-Fi service to approximately 1.000~ people in the public area in the first stage and to provide Wi-Fi service to 5,500~ people in the second stage.

We have reviewed Cambium Network products, but we are not sure which products can serve large and public areas (access to devices inside the building) devices.

We look forward to your assistance in this matter.
The meanings of the colored dots in the image;

White: Internet Distribution (center)
Green: First-stage antennas
Purple: Second-stage antennas

We used the products of the Ubiquiti brand in a different location before and are no longer satisfied with the performance. We want to use Cambium in this new location but don’t know which products to operate correctly for the center and the first stage.

Customers are using both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. With which products can we deliver high-bandwidth connectivity to our customers?

The average building height is 13 meters; The direction of the antennas will be around 15 meters on average.

Thank you for each message.

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If I understand what you saying, you are wanting to do WiFi (so people can connect directly with their personal devices ? ) and not Fixed Wireless with a radio mounted on the customers building connecting to the AP via a proprietary (not WiFi) system ?

If so then ePMP is not an option, the 60Ghz CNWave is not an option, 450i/m isn’t an option.

I suppose that you could use old ePMP 1000 gear as it had a WiFi option but it was intended as a temp solution for moving Ubiquiti Fixed Wireless customers over to ePMP.

If you are wanting a PTP solution to connect the dots and then you use something else to provide WiFi then ( it doesn’t look like any of those dots are more than maybe 500m from another dot) 60Ghz would probably work though if you are in a very heavy rain/snow/ice area the 5ghz might work better. If you can get away with not using GPS Sync to PTP all the dots then Cambium’s new 5Ghz AX radios would do the trick easily but if you need GPS sync then I really can’t recommend any of Cambiums PTP solutions unless you are ok with spending a lot of money for less bandwidth.

I would say you could feed all the dots from the white dot with a couple 450M access points at the white dot but with everyone in such a narrow path you won’t get any MU there so the M doesn’t really do anything for you there.