CPE's constantly rebooting?

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I'm having a similar issue across the network. Firmware in my case varies, as it's happening on customer radios that are on 2.6, 3.0, and 3.0RC13. Ap's are on 2.6, and 3.0

Some CPEs have system uptimes with 50+ days, with 50 reboots. Others show system uptime of 2 hours with 50 reboots.

AP's are a mix of ePMP 2000, ePMP GPS sync full, ePMP GPS snyc lite

CPE's are  a mix of Force 110's, Force 180's, and Force 200's


Reboot Counter displays number of reboots after last reset to default or statistics reset.

So if you have SMs with uptime over 50 days with 50 reboots it means that last reboot has been performed earlier than 50 days ago.

If you have SMs with uptime in 2 hours with 50 reboots, here possibly can be some kind of issue and you have investigate it in details. You should try to find reason why it was rebooted 2 hours ago.

To be sure it is not FW issue you can check crashlog via CLI access:

debug crashlog

If output will be empty it means SM has been rebooted because of some external issue. Try to check whether it have stable power feeding.

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Looking at a few radios there was nothing when using debug crashlog from CLI access. It's showing these reboots happening on at least 30 radios that I've looked at, some of which I've contacted and they are reportedly not rebooting it from there. Two of the radios were put up less than a month ago, and had already gone up to almost 400 reboots each.

i've only had one CPE do this to me,  it was an older house and suspected it was something in the electric, ended up adding a battery backup and that mostly fixed it, after swapping the supply too it stopped completely.    the battery backup never beeped or complained about the electric, just stopped.   not sure what was the underlying issue, or if its the same thing your facing.  maybe worth a try on one of the units that are annoyed on your network to test.    the crash logs shouldn't be blank if the radio is rebooting internally. 

Im thinking it's not firmware related, because it's completly random on which CPE's are doing it. I saw a post on here a while back about a very similar issue, and it was caused by cold weather and the rj45's shrinking in the cold. It's not cold here, but i'm curious if maybe the clips are faulty at these locations, causing the power to turn off randomly.

Hello, I have a link to service only one client with force 200 ePTP mode running 10 MHz, 5885 channel, PPPoE mode, client side this intermittent restarting, client side reports 97 reboots, and reading this post followed the instructions log crash attachment post

Hi Alex,

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What FW version is running on your Force 200?

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Firmware 3.0

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I've already raised internal issue for that defect.