cpu and mem

Just wondering how much cpu and mem does an AP,SM and BH has. or does it contains asic.

you can open them up and have a look at the chips, the process is powerquic, also you can telent in and use some commands to take a dump of the registers and work out how much memory there is (i can look them up if you want)

what are you trying to determine… ?

the more traffic the more CPU, the more features the more CPU (e.g switching on NAT adds approx 10% extra usage on CPU) the bigger the layer 2 the more memory usage

I went through the suggestions sections of the forum and saw lots of features request so just became curious…Does current SM has enough processing power and sufficient memory capable of handling all those features?

Also I wanted to monitor once the CPU and Memory utilization of the devices and going through in search for correct snmp oid, if there are any.