Crazy ethernet stats

Over the last couple of weeks, two of my networks have slowed down noticeably for no obvious reason. When I look at Ethernet Stats, the outgoing numbers don’t make any sense. I month or two ago, I had a Linksys router that seem to be generating outgoing traffic on its own, saturating the network. When I turned it off, the problem went away. I suspect the same sort of thing might be happening now.

Here are the Ethernet Stats from 10 SMs, along with their uptime. Look at SM#3, where the customer has been away for much of the time and no computer has been connected!

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!


SM#1 6d, 03:49:08
inoctects Count 57,580,818
inucastpkts Count 605,156
Innucastpkts Count 8,979
outoctets Count 256,792,503
outucastpktsCount 628,625
outnucastpkts Count 164,579

SM#2 12d, 23:09:24
inoctects Count 30,788,641
inucastpkts Count 148,493
Innucastpkts Count 41
outoctets Count 220,698,700
outucastpktsCount 129,817
outnucastpkts Count 459,920

SM#3 12d, 23:09:52
inoctects Count 71,392
inucastpkts Count 647
Innucastpkts Count 311
outoctets Count 103,707,817
outucastpktsCount 627
outnucastpkts Count 485,707

SM#4 11d, 04:58:01
inoctects Count 10,302,857
inucastpkts Count 46,561
Innucastpkts Count 393
outoctets Count 145,605,993
outucastpktsCount 56,197
outnucastpkts Count 355,637

SM#5 23d, 00:20:28
inoctects Count 83,310,958
inucastpkts Count 897,126
Innucastpkts Count 396
outoctets Count 2,188,948,719
outucastpktsCount 1,477,222
outnucastpkts Count 780,091

SM#6 77d, 01:14:44
inoctects Count 14,929,306
inucastpkts Count 129,331
Innucastpkts Count 721
outoctets Count 482,157,087
outucastpktsCount 180,799
outnucastpkts Count 2,209,227

SM#7 01:24:20
inoctects Count 1,048,028
inucastpkts Count 2,725
Innucastpkts Count 4
outoctets Count 2,258,851
outucastpktsCount 2,757
outnucastpkts Count 1,862

SM#8 95d, 02:08:43
inoctects Count 375,145,000
inucastpkts Count 1,505,571
Innucastpkts Count 10,381
outoctets Count 2,122,168,791
outucastpktsCount 1,833,855
outnucastpkts Count 2,956,576

SM#9 12d, 01:23:38
inoctects Count 187,545,039
inucastpkts Count 1,268,136
Innucastpkts Count 3,549
inerrors Count 1
outoctets Count 2,008,487,310
outucastpktsCount 1,751,702
outnucastpkts Count 390,789
RxOverrun 1

SM#10 9d, 15:54:42
inoctects Count 91,532,039
inucastpkts Count 489,935
Innucastpkts Count 30
outoctets Count 868,364,705
outucastpktsCount 681,874
outnucastpkts Count 273,783

Should have mentioned that I’m running Canopy 900MHz, using 7.3.6 with hardware scheduling. All 9000SMCs with 10 and 12dBi panel antennas, a few 9 and 13dBi yagis. Until 2 or 3 weeks ago, things were running normally.

Why don’t you run pkt sniffing tools in your network and find out what kinds of pkts and traffic pattern you are getting. Generally cheap and faulty broadband routers/nic create such problems. If you see the SM bridge table with unexpected no . of mac (of your own network devices0 then there might be a chance of Ethernet loop.