CRC errors on AP

I am getting CRC errors on 450i AP and increasing in the rate of 1-3 per second. The AP connected switch port is not showing any CRC.

If CRC is due to cabling issue and physical layer problem then why it is showing on AP only and not on switch port??

If we observe CRC on switch port we get packet drops on AP but I am not getting any issue with CRC on AP.

Both switch port and AP working in 100MB FD.

It’s pretty simple, you have cable problem no matter what your switch says.

Do you have auto negotiate on? What switch are you using? What cable length are you using?

If it is due to Physical layer problem on ethernet port then why it is only on AP and not on switch? And all the connectivity is as per TAC requirement, factory made cables used.

We also checked by Auto Negotiation keeping on but facing same problem and cable length is 45m.