Create WLAN with matching configuration?

We have a handful of WAPs installed on an old cloud cnMaestro version that were never attached to a WLAN/AP Group. (Mostly e410 and e600s). Now we’ve moved everything to an onprem version of cnMaestro and I’m trying to wrap my head around migrating these enterprise devices.

I know I need to have them attached to an AP Group / WLAN to push config changes, however I can’t create a matching WLAN to the current configuration as passwords are all encrypted when I view their config. Is there a way to do this such as converting a config download to a WLAN including SSIDs and passkeys, or somehow recovering / decrypting the passkeys off the configuration file so I can recreate their current settings as a WLAN?

The residential routers were a lot easier I could just download the config, create the template, change what i wanted and re-upload :frowning:

@ScotClearwave , could you please tell us why you moved to on-premises cnMaestro? Also, you mentioned “old cloud cnMaestro version” - the Cloud is the latest cnMaestro always, so I am confused why you mentioned “old cloud”

We moved to onprem quite a while ago, so we could more easily manage our ePMP products. When I mention “old” cloud instance I mean old for us, in relation to our “new” on prem version, that’s all.

Thanks for clarifying @ScotClearwave . You can export AP Groups and WLANs from Cloud and import it to on-premises - have you tried that?

I can do that, and have done that already, but that doesn’t actually move the APs from one instance to another, I have to get in and change config on APs that are not currently attached to AP Groups, which is my problem

@ScotClearwave can you try this: Redirect AP from cloud to on-premises cnMaestro
it is written for an old version of cnPilot, but I expect it to work technically with newer versions also