Creating database on first installation


I installed the WM on a Windows Server 2008 and I'm with problem to start the server.

I didn't get any error message on the installation, but the server can't connect to the database

I looked for the database and it wasn't created on the MySQL.

I tryed to uninstall the WM and install it again but without success.

Can you hel me please?



Please let us know the below information to help you better.

1. Is that Windows Server 2008 32 bit or 64 bit? 

2. Is that Windows Server 2008 R2 or not?

3. May I know the Wireless Manager version which you are trying to install?

4. Do you have any other SQL or CNUT or CNS server software installed on the same Server Computer?

5. Do you have latest JAVA installed on this Server Computer?


Vijay Gnanamurtthi


Thanks for the reply!

The Windows is 32bits SP 1, I'm installing the Wireless Manager 4.5.6 (WMInstaller-4.5.6-windows-x86-installer) and I installed the last version of Java ().

I don't have any other SQL or CNUT or CNS server runing on this computer, it's a new windows server installation without anything.

The WM was installed sucessfull, without any error, but the MySQL database wasn't created.

Can you help me? I need to solve this problem.


Sorry, the Java was out of date and I update it and the database was created. Now I've the database called wmsdb and I put all informations on the WM administrator tool and click on Test button and everthing is OK, than I clicked on Apply button but nothing happening and If I try to get out the software or change to another option I receive the message: "Do you want to apply unsaved configuration?"

The software don't save the configurations that I typed.

Can you help me please?


When I click on OK button I can see these messages on the terminal window:

Can someone help me? 


Apologies for the late reply.

I think it is a  user privilege problem.

Could you please try to launch ServerAdminTool using administrator.

Step to launch ServerAdminTool :

  1. Run command prompt using Administrator
  2. Go to path <WM_Installed_Directory>/server/bin
  3. Type bat and Enter

Then try to apply configuration. Let me know if this is not a case. 

We'll schedule a session to look into the issue.