Creating Path Profiles with cnReach

Hi there, I am trying to create path profiles using LinkPlanner for the cnReach N500 in 700MHz and 900MHz, but not having much luck.  Is there a video or documentation on how to create these type of links?  We are able to do PMP450 in 900MHz, but trying to see if the cnReach might fix some of the paths that aren't working.



Hi Deryck,

Getting a path profile is independent of which product you are using, simply create either a PTP or PMP link and unless you have requested profiles manually, the path profile will automatically populate into the link.

Please note that at the moment in LINKPlanner we only support cnReach at 900 MHz for PTP links, it is not available in PMP mode and it is not yet supported for 700 MHz for either PMP or PTP mode.