Creating Static Routes on the EX2010-P

I have been working in my home lab environment with getting a few cnVision devices connected together with a Ip surveillance camera. During the process of setting up cnVision product I found out that to configure it needs to be in a network, which the default VLAN 1 for cnMatrix EX2010-P that I have is range. That 192.168.10 IP range is also the same for the rest of my home lab network and the the overall home network I have. Since I have a EX2010-P and know that I could setup a VLAN with the IP range and then create a static route between the EX2010-P and my home router to connect it to the rest of the network resources and out to the Internet. With the cnMatrix Web GUI User Guide 2.1 on my second monitor, I get to work (Link to the PDF: )

I am managing this device through cnMaestro, so I log in and find the management IP address and log directly into the switch to work through the steps that are outlined within the guide. After trying to create a new VLAN with the new IP address range, it does not update correctly and I can’t get access to it. I tried to save the updates, and it does not stay saved. Going back into cnMaestro is it now reporting that the configurations are out of sync and I can’t make updates to the basic cnMaestro switch template.

So, where did I go wrong, before I default the switch and start over again. Is there a way for me to create the static route that I need within cnMaestro directly? Or is this something that is more advanced than what is offered within cnMaestro and I should remove it from the cloud management and configure it independently?

If there is a advanced cnMaestro switch management/configuration guide that is available that I should be using please let me know as well since I will work through that after the default.

Thanks again for your thoughts/insights/best practices on this!