Crosstalk Solutions' review of ePMP 2000

Check out Crosstalk Solutions' review of ePMP 2000, Force 180 and Force 190. Post your questions and comments to this thread.


Awesome summary and review of the product... thanks!

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I really love the presenter's clarity of speech, and enthusiasm.  I would like to clarify a point about the Smart Antenna - the primary purpose of the Smart Antenna is to deal with interference and to improve the uplink from a remote susbcriber.  The Smart Antenna beamforms so that it can better hear through the existing noise floor and lock onto that susbcriber.  The subscriber antennas tend to be a residental roof hight, relatively low compared to the Access Point / Base Station.  As the Access Point / Base Station tends to be up higher, it hears RF interfefence noise that the subscribers cannot.  The Smart Antenna helps overcome this inherent weakeness.  Not every network needs it, but those that do see measurable performance enhancement by using it. 

It is not some sort of a load sharing tool as migth have been inferred by the video.

All in all, an outstanding job with the video!

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LOL! - so many UNIFI equipments on his desk!

I did see that, but the focus of the discussion is ePMP...

I may send him an ePMPman figure

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Hmm... seems the video is unavalible...

interesting - let me check with him on that

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Chris found that he exposed his GPS coordinates in one of the screen shots. He is editing them out of the video and will re-post soon. No drama or intrigue. He will have it back and we will update the thread.

He fixed it, and I updated the link in the first post... let's talk about it!

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The revised video is now live and the link above is working fine.

Great job on the video!  Very nice overview.