CSM IP-Passthrough

Anybody know if you can directly pass through DHCP leases from a PMP320 AP to clients behind the CSM? I don’t want these clients to have NAT’d addresses and configuring port-fowarding or a single DMZ host is not an option.

I didn’t see anything in the documentation, so I figured I’d ask here

Thanks much

You can set up remote subnets and DHCP relay for the SM to get an IP but any equipment behind the SM is going to get 10.1.1.x until they release the firmware update that adds bridge mode.

Thanks but that doesn’t really fit the bill. Need to get around NAT for inbound traffic, I guess I’m at the mercy of the bridge-mode feature in the future release :slight_smile:

I ended up putting a MT router behind the SM and creating an EOIP tunnel. It works well but adds cost of a RouterBoard.


Yeah, I had GRE tunnels on the absolute last ditch effort list but now were talking about another piece of gear to purchase and manage.