CSN server with 2.4.2


with cns 1.2 is it possible, that the units with fw 2.4.2 are not listed  in upgrade and config inventory either?

the discovery finds the units with fw 2.4.2 but the device type is shown as Generic-1,login/password not supported.



Hello Akos, Good to hear from you. Our development team will have an answer for you soon.

Hello Ray, Thanks for checking.

The 2.4.2 seems to be working well in our network and I'd like to upgrade approx 600 units and like to play it safe :)

Akos-  Do you have the current .CND files?   The current version is CND files for ePMP 2.3. and work with 2.4 releases.  They are located at : https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/cnss/ .  I currently have them loaded on our lab and am seeing the correct device types..  One other thing if they 2.3CND files are loaded, the services will have to be stopped and restarted.


Hi Akos,

Further update  on your query:

CNS 1.3 has been released and it supports ePMP devices with Firmware 2.4.2 and greater.

You can upgrade to CNS 1.3 by visiting following link:


Pls. let us know if you need any hellp. 

Warm Regards,