CSS - Cascading Style Sheets

Has anyone done anything with the new firmware 8.x in regards to the supposed ability to “transform” the layout with Cascading Style Sheets?

I find the current layout wasteful in space… scrolling around when all the data from one web page can fit on one screen seems inefficient.

Maybe we could start playing with that and contribute it to the group to make our lives easier.


I was thinking the same thing, however, I have not found any documentation regarding the use of the CSS sheets in the User Guide. Just the one line mentioning that they can be edited. I remember playing around with some of the html in the old versions as well as the logo. You have to ftp into the module, load the logo or html, then telnet in and flash it to the web file. There was a fairly small limit to the space available as well, and I suck at writing scripts to mass load this kind of stuff, so I gave up on it. I do agree that the layout is fairly wasteful, but prefer it to the old style, and if better documentation comes out, it would be nice to mess around with it…