Current 365 Inventory

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Our organization has been discussing how to handle the current inventory specifially correct height of the ground. I am looking to see what methods some of you have you implemented in acuratley obtaining this information. We have discussed visting each location but due to staffing and time we are not sure if this feasible. 

IIRC... the SAS gives you some wiggle room regarding the location and AGL height... ±50 m horizontal and ±3 m vertical. We're planning on extrapolating the GPS coordinates of all of our existing 3.65 locations, and then running a sanity check on them to make sure they are where they should be... this might require us actually visiting a few sites to make sure we have the coordinates within +- 50m. As far as the height is concerned, the vast majority of homes we install to are single story and are at the peak of the roof, so even if we use an average height of a single story home in america, which is 15' or 4.5m, that still gives us +-3m to work with and still be within the SAS's tolerable limits.

"§ 96.39 Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD) general requirements.

This section applies to all CBSDs. Additional rules applicable only to Category A or Category B CBSDs are set forth in §§ 96.43 and 96.45.

(a) Geo-location and reporting capability.

(1) All CBSDs must be able to determine their geographic coordinates (referenced to the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD83)) to an accuracy of ±50 meters horizontal and ±3 meters of elevation. Such geographic coordinates shall be reported to an SAS at the time of first activation from a power-off condition.


(2) For professionally installed CBSDs, geographic coordinates to the same accuracy specified in paragraph (a)


(1) of this section may be determined and reported to the SAS as part of the installation and registration process. Geographic coordinates must be determined and reported each time the CBSD is moved to a new location.


(3) A non-professionally installed CBSD must check its location and report to the SAS any location changes exceeding 50 meters horizontal and ±3 meters elevation from its last reported location within 60 seconds of such location change."