Current 5GHz EiRP Rules for PMP-450 from US FCC

Hi Folks - 

Could you help me understand which of the UNII 5GHz bands now permit PMP-450 use in point-to-multipoint systems with no cap on antenna gain?

I understand that the FCC changed the rules last year with FCC 14-30 and relaxed rules in UNII-1. I am just trying to understand which bands I can operate PMP-450 5GHz equipment in without concern for antenna gain limited by EiRP restrictions. Part 47 and the recent FCC 14-30 seem to explicitly relax rules for point-to-point systems, but exclude point-to-multipoint from the no cap rules.

I have several SMs in a PMP-450 design that are predicted to require the 25 dBi Reflector Dish to connect, and we want to be 100% compliant with FCC rules.


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