Custom Logo

Has anyone had any luck branding their SMs? I have used the instructions supplied by Motorola but to no avail. Thanx.


What firmware version?


Depending on if they are advantage or not.

Non Advantage device

Create your logo and name it canopy.jpg

Browse to your device http://yourip/top.html

Save the page so you can edit the link if you so desire.

ftp deviceip

login with username root and your password

type binary

type put canopy.jpg (Note the file needs to be in the directory you ftp from.

type put top.html

Close ftp and open a telnet session to the same device.

login with root and your password

type addwebfile canopy.jpg
type addwebfile top.html

Same above is the same for advantage gear, except the picture is called advantaged.jpg instead of canopy.jpg, It was tricky for me to do some but I was able to get it to work after playing with it for a bit.