Custom SM Mounting Brackets.....

Is anyone using a custom made moutning bracket for the SM’s? I am finding that the J Arm that you can order is very unstable and with a little bit of wind the bracket itself can crack. Anyone have a better solution? Website? I have resorted to cutting the J arm in half to reduce the amount of vibration from wind. Please Help!

I’d love to see an extender for the arm that comes with the 900 SM’s… there are times when an extra foot or so higher makes a big difference.

For the 2.4, 5.2 SM’s… we have been using a cheap plastic flag pole mount and hose clamping them to a pvc pipe. The vent pipes on customers roofs work pretty darn good also!

Winegard makes longer arms. They are exactly the same as the shorter version included with the 900 SM and 5.7 dishes only they are longer. We buy them from a local reseller.

DS2016 J Pipe – 26"
DS3000 J-Pipe – 39"

Usually we make such brackets for our modules:

I’ve used alot of the satellite tv dish arms for some installs and it works great. Very sturdy.