Customer Based Install Program

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I’m in the early research phase of designing and programming a basic gui for customer based installs. As I have plenty of familiarity with java, javafx, I was looking to use this as my base. The gui and computer backend is the easy part. Where my question lays though is pulling certain key parts of information from the radio. Mainly signal and cinr levels. I have been researching but have come up empty on any known libraries or similar projects for reference. Anyone else look into this kind of project before? This is geared for the older gemtek/cambium 3.65 as well as 2.4/900 sm as that is what the wisp I work for mainly uses. I was told they have tried self installs in the past but have had issues with it but having a gui as simple as speed with an easy to follow interface creating a security barrier between the customer and radio instead of handing over sensitive information would alleviate said issues. Any tips and suggestions would greatly be appreciated and if this project works well for us I may offer final release versions later for other wisps looking to do the same.

We support a complete MIB, with SNMP OIDs for just about every statistic in the radio.  Many customers poll these OIDs, then collect and graph them over time.  Cacti is a popular tool for doing this, and other end users can chime in with their experiences.

In addition, another user created a Chrome plugin that displays some very useful information.  You can find discussion on that here.

We also have "read only" login options that can restrict the ability for the GUI to actually perform any changes.

I can let others reply with further suggestions.

I appreciate the ideas. I thought about the restricted access login and evidently that is what they used previously but unfortunately ran into some security issues associated with that method hence the separation not allowing customers to login to the radio themselves even with those restricted credentials. Evidently one of our customers at some point used it as a reference to back his way into administrative rights and though he didn’t cause any damage to the radio or network it was enough to create a pause in that way of doing things.


Hmmm the MIB SNMP OID may be on the right track of what I’m looking for. After some research it is a bit different than I was thinking for a solution but I may be able to work it into the program with some work. I’m going to have to do more research of course but if the MIB includes everything I need I may go that route. I was tossing around some other ideas like web scrapers or php injection as a last resort as it was found that I’ll need to possibly adjust certain parameters on the fly on the backend to make it more flexible. Thank you again. I’ll keep my eyes open for other suggestions if they come up but I’ll gear myself for that avenue of approach for now.