Customer Cannot Access Network on 2nd Account

We have a customer with two accounts - site A and site B - on the same ePMP 1000 tower. The customer has a server on site B (port 65432) which she cannot access via site A. She can however access site B's server via site B, mobile hotspot and through any other WAN connection. What might be going on here?

We are using ePMP 1000 APs and Force 200 SMs.

On the AP:

Management Access = Ethernet and Wireless

SM Traffic Isolation = Disabled


On the SM:

Mode = Bridge

ARP-NAT = Disabled


do you have SM isolation enabled on the AP?  That would prevent layer 2 connectivity to reach each other. 

you can use different routes to each location to get the traffic to carry as well if you don't want to disable sm isolation (i strongly recommend leaving that enabled and using the route method to get past that. )