Customer Disable

We have got several customers on the new 3.65 and in need of cutting some off for non pay of service. Has anyone had any luck doing this? I know in the 900Mhz you could just disable the 802.11 port and still be able to get back into the radio remotely and enable the port.

disable authentication to the particular sm or set to an extremely low QoS profile like 10kbps.

i like making them reallllly slow so they call you instead of you having to call them :slight_smile:

also you could static in a DNS server and use a *.com entry in a private DNS to send them to a pay your bill page … million ways to redirect the traffic if you wanted to show them a pay your bill page

mgthump, could provide some more info on the redirect to a webpage idea? I’ve always wanted to do this but do not know the details.

for the dns method, simply make or virtulize an extra local dns server, and lie to the dns server tell it that *.com *.org *.whatever points to 1 single local server, make a simple default webpage, or change the error 404 page to display pay your bill… if your dns server doesn’t allow you to wildcard domains, just use it to most of the major sites like yahoo google aol all you can think of so your private local dns sends them to the wrong server locally

when someone is behind give them a dhcp reservation or static enter the dns info in there sm if nat is on and there you go

if you use pppoe or radius system, most of them i’m pretty sure has a simple redirect method also that does the same thing…

we use the dns method because it was simpler for how we manage our network

Sounds simple enough, thanks!

Another way to cut off service: With newer PMP320CPE firmwares in bridging mode, you can specify etherframetypes to block. Just set up a filter for ether-type 0806, under Networking->Firewall - that blocks ARP. You can enter the frame-type 0806 and leave it there forever, and just enable the filter with the checkbox when you need to cut off service.