Customer Higher than AP

We’ve experienced a high number of uplink retransmissions on one of our new ePMP 3000l sectors utilizing a Cambium 90/120 antenna. After some investigation, I realized a few of our customers are actually higher or possibly level with the AP. I’m concerned the vertical beamwidth isn’t broad enough to reach them, causing the poor signal. They’re receiving about 76dbm at 5 miles with high packet loss.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there any way apart from adding a directional horn etc. to solve this?

Up-tilt the sector a bit, unless the negative impact of that is greater than what is happening now.

Horns are honestly the only way to go for antennas. Once you get over the fear the gain is less, it will out perform a sector in probably every circumstance.

Understood. I hope to dabble with horns soon. Though, is this gain reduction fear still illegitimate when some customers at this POP are 10mi away?

Well, 10 miles is a haul… How are you having vertical beam issues at 10 miles with a sector? At those distances, I would go with the asymmetrical horns from RFE. They will give you similar gains to sectors. Your vertical width is 1/2 the horizontal width of the horn.

Sorry, the customers at 10mi aren’t having the vertical issues… these folks are at 4mi.

Hello @claya,
did you try to play with the link planner? You can try different antenna combinations. Also visual presentation can give you some clue how to sort this issue.

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