Customer packets and reusage of selled bandwith

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We are starting to deploy Cambium gear, used Mikrotik before, and we’re interested what packages do you offer, what’s real throughput of AP, how many times do you resell that bandwith, how many SM’s do you usually connect?


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Welcome to our next definitive vendor.

Every ePMP 2000 could push real near 100 Megabit aggregated per sector bandwidth. With Mikrotik, max 35-40 Mbps per sertor with enormous frequency problem and interference.

I could hint you to connect maximum around 60-70 CPE per sector.

Actually I can sell following profiles:

- 10M/1M, 10M/2M, 10M/5M (at max 18 Km)

- 20M/1M, 20M/2M, 20M/5M (at max 10 Km)

- 30M/5M, 30M/10M (at max 5 Km)

More I would hint you to buy only new ePMP 2000 version with SMart Beamforming antennas, Sector antenna and Radio GPS integrated boundle kit to have max performance.

The installation is really simple, and you can reuse frequency in a ABAB (or more) AP configuration on single tower.

CPE costs is little high than Mikrotik, but you install it and forget forever.

If you need help, here you will find valid answers :)


@pospanko wrote:
how many times do you resell that bandwith, how many SM's do you usually connect?

These days I find it nearly impossible to come up with a simple number to represent capacity oversell.  Generally I just check the sector utilization graphs to determine if a sector is overloaded, and seek to either overlay a new sector atop that one, or nudge some clients to adjacent sectors if reasonable.  Problem is that about 1/3-1/2 our customers stream video, so effectively we could oversell 10:1 or more during offpeak hours but only 2:1 or 3:1 during the worst evening peaks.


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Thx for info. 

Usually, do you operate at 20 or 40Mhz channels?

How much GPS sync lower the throughput on tower compared to use of different frequencyes on AP's?

We bought ePMP 1000 GPS now because we thinked they would work on 24V system, to just replace Mikrotik, but they have lots of reboots and GPS wouldn't start on some of them, so we needed to replace everything to 48V.

Other issue is that we use RFelements  horn antennas so beamforming antenna isn't fitting on them. We have lots of customers on tower so we need 30 degree antennas. Beside that, RFelements still don't have ePMP 2000 adapter for them.

In real world, what's the difference between 1000 on 2000 radio with/without beamforming antenna?

P.S. WHat do you use for bachaul links? Mostly I need up to 200Mbps, but somewhere I need more now when I could offer more speed to customers?

Channels space is strictly related to available spectrum. Into a City or Urban environment, it is almost sure you will use 20 Mhz. Even it's depend by how many competitor you have into same your area.

The GPS sync is just useful when you have more sector on same tower and you would like to use same channels in a ABAB configuration. Or it's even useful when you have more near towers where opposite sector look face to face to other sector on other tower.

The ePMP1000 GPS model radio need 30V in a configuration you can got from datasheet: I would hint you to use official power supply you have had when buyed the radio.

If you use ePMP 1000 you can use RF Elements Symmetric Horn Sector antenna with properly Simper for Cambium. If you would to use ePMP 2000 instead, you need to choose new RF Elements Horn with 2x N connector. In that senario is difficult to use Smart Beamforming Antenna. Even in that case, I hint you to use Cambium ePMP 2000 Complete Kit: Sector + Smart Beamforming Antenna + Radio.

1000 and 2000 radio are quite different. 2000 have a Radio filter to better manage interference while 1000 not. If you don't have money problem, go with 2000.

For PTP, if you have free spectrum go with Mimosa B5c, while  if you want save 5 Ghz spectrum, you need to consider other bands like 17 Ghz, 10 Ghz or 24 Ghz. Take care regarding your rain rate when you choose frequency more than 10 Ghz. Even here, if you have PTP short link (under 2 Km), you can choose 60 Ghz band to have 1 or 2,5 Gbps. All depend from your scenario.

I hope I help you.