Customer Routers for "Gigabit" 60 GHz Service

As we are getting closer to installing 60 GHz service to the customer, we’re trying to identify what routers to use. What routers are you using or expecting to use for high speed / gigabit services when you start connecting 60 GHz customers?

[We currently use R-Series routers for most of our customers, but the limitations seem to be revealed with faster speeds, so I’m not sure we would use them with cnWave products.]

Thank you, Chris

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We’ll start experimenting with 60GHz equipment in the coming months as well.

We use Calix GigaSpire routers on our network. Their Blast u6 routers come in two flavors - one with a 1Gigabit ethernet port and one with a 2.5Gbps port. They also just released a u6X; the unique all-in-one architecture of the BLAST u6x will enable a field technician to select from swappable 1GB, 2.5 or 10GB Ethernet, GPON or XGS PON SFP modules. We’ve been using Calix routers on our Wireless network for ~5 years now. The new GigaSpire Blast platform are WiFi 6 routers and you can quickly & easily create mesh networks within a building or large home, manage them via cloud interface, etc. We love em… I haven’t tried using Cambium routers for what it’s worth.

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We’ve tried the R series routers and completely agree if you’re going to sell the 60ghz solution, get Calix routers.