Customer use vpn without input voucher in Cambium Portal page

Hi ,
How can i solve this problem , that is our client (wifi user) no need to put voucher code in Cambium Portal Page.
They open VPN service ( application) then connect wifi , get internet , this saturation is not good,
But when i test with gateway mikrotik portal, vpn no work , how can i solve this problem?

Make Guest portal with requirement to click login.

what is mean requirement to click login ? Please explain me .

Hi zayar,

Could you please give mentioned details,

  1. Have you enabled guest access in your networks?
  2. Are you using internal, external or cnMaestro based guest access?
  3. If you are using cnMaestro based guest access, have you configured voucher/paid/Free access type?

Raja M

Please make a simple drawing like you have it done now. What does guest access look like? On this basis, I will suggest what to do.
You haven’t written anything yet except that where is the voucher access? But how operated? Where set up, what devices do you have? We don’t know anything :frowning: