Customers not passing traffic


We have an issue - wondering if anyone can help. We are now deploying our network and we have about 6 SM’s connected to our network. We have 3 different clusters that are being used.

We are getting complaints that the users cannot surf the net when it has been working etc for a while. It seems like what may be happening is that after the users PC’s are idle or powered off, that those users cannot surf until either the SM is rebooted or the RJ45 is unplugged and put back into the machine.

When the users are complaining they cannot surf, we can see their SM, however in the “Ethernet Interface Field” it shows NO LINK.

As mentioned above, either rebooted the SM or unplugging / plugging back in the RJ45 will resolve the problem and the customer is back on line.

Any ideas ???


So more than one customer is reporting this problem? What kind of CAT5 are you using? Was it tested with a cable tester after it was run to the customer PC(s)? Are all the SMs terminated straight into NICs, routers, etc? Did the customers provide the NICs?

Yes, a few are reporting the problem. We are using UV protected Cat5. No we didn’t test the cable after the installation. Yes, all SM’s into the NIC provided by the customer