customers xbox issues

We have a customer who has an issue when using x-box live through the 320CPE the description of issue is as follows:
it just lags out …so your playing and it starts to get really laggy …then it freezes and knocks you off xbox live. You can re-login in a few mins but it just locks up again.
Regular surfing on computer is fine.


We have replaced the router with new one, issues still exists.


i had something similar happen, wasn’t anything to do with wireless equipment, for me it was my gateway settings… maybe look there… ?

What software version? Are you using the PMP320 in Layer 3 mode? How are your service flows configured?

layer 2 mode with a mikrotik rb411g as the router. service flows are best effort, no harq. no packet loss (good LOS and zero noise).

run the cpe in bridge mode, anytime we have a customer with a gaming system behind our cpes we always have to put them in bridge to get them to function properly

+1 what he said :slight_smile: