Customize factory defaults

Is there a way of customizing firmware to load custom settings such as username/pwd, IP, VLAN details on Subscriber modules(Force 300-16/19/25 etc) and cnPilot R195 routers when reset to factory default? Sometimes, customers resets the devices/resets when brown out. So, we have to attend the site to reconfigure the device(s). If we can customize the firmware as per site, it will be better for customer as well as for us.


Hi @udithas,
this is an aim of factory default.
Could you tell me why do your customers use rest button?

Maybe for a similar reason as this :slight_smile:

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On the R195 routers, I enable the factory default lock, so if a customer pushes the reset button, it will just reboot the router.

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For routers, most of the time customer(in my situation, the houses aren’t permanently owned by single customer and they move and new tenants moves in) doesnt know the current PWD and they try to reset the router and it resets to factory defaults. After that the router disapperas from cnMaestro and we have to attend the site to reconfigure with cnMaestro details and other custom settings for that customer.

For SM’s, during the brownouts, they defaults back to factory settings(Original) and we have to attend to site to reconfigure. Recently, I disabled the “Reset via Power sequence” option and got a call from customer saying internet not working, But when I log into the SM, again it has factory defaulted.

OK, I will try this for next installs. Cheers

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