Cyclone 900mhz + 9000SMC link problem


I’ve bought a Cyclone 900mhz-Omni with filter from lastmilegear. I already had the Canopy SM 900mhz Connecterized radio. All radio are with his default configuration. The only thing that the AP have configured in the radio is the frequencies.

I was trying to make a link between them, and it’s not working.

I’m seeing SCANNING, SYNCING, REGISTRERING (wait a few second) and get back to SCANNING.

I can see information about the other AP in AP Eval Data. I see Regfail incrementing but no other error. I verified on the AP’s if it’s possible to see the registration failure logs, but nothing.

The condition are very nice, I’m at 600m from the tower and it’s clear line of sight.

Someone have some problem with Cyclone + Canopy ?

i ran into this my self but only at a distance of about .33 miles!! I upgraded to 6.1 and tried horizontal pol. and it worked great … i was told there was a cell/pager tower in the area and that the scan sync reg scan sync reg thing was the interference caused by that tower.

hope this helps


very likely an interference problem. Be sure both units are on same polarization and use the spectrum analyzer to look for local interferrence. We have seen both paging at 929-931 and cellular cause problems. I use 915 everywhere I can to stay as far away as possible from each end of the spectrum. Horizontal pol helps. RF Linx makes a tower top amplifier with integrated filter that helps. You can set the power to compensate and stay legal. Re-registers are common on 900’s. We see it all the time. It is frustrating.

Bizzard, I bought a Band filter (From lastmilegear).

Suposed to get less interference.

I’m already at 915mhz frequencies. and already tried the horizontal pol.


we looked at 902-928 on our motorola service monitor with a real spectrum analyzer and were amazed at the brief spikes that popped up all through the band. I think some are scada systems, some cordless phones, and some intermod. It was discouraging and furthered the notion that the only fix is to saturate the receivers with signal.
This is why, I think, that the 900 stuff is somewhat unstable in weak signal situations.

I also am having major problems with a 900 link. and interferrence. To make
long story short it appears I am going to do something drastic. My thoughts are to install a Corner reflector. Any one else had any experience with this.