Cyclone AP"s

Are the Cyclone AP’s with the Omni antennas rugged enough to live on top a 300’ tower without any issue?

They can survive almost anything. We have some are up 400 feet on a TV tower. Some are covered in bird sh…t. Some are in tower bellow ground level close a beach, exposed to ocean moisture. Heat, cold (not ice in my area). They are pretty good

we’ve got some on top of grain elevators @ 150’

we’ve got some on 300foot towers as well. they are good.

we had one at 600’ but capacity hit so we swapped to sectorized

Only thing I don’t like about them is the damn Metal caseing. I’d prefer to have a connectorized radio and just attach it to the omni Antenna and seal the connectors. The Metal Caseing is a Lightening magnet.

These units are great. The only issue I had was a coule that were our APs converted to the 2450-360.15 units. The guy who did the conversion did not put o-rings around the antenna to seal of the top and they filled with water. There was no issue getting them replaced quickly.

You can get a connectorized radio, but still in the metal case - all you need to do is bond the case to ground. The radio is isolated from the case, other than the antenna connector - but your antenna mounting should be at ground potential anyway.