Dangerous telnet...

I was too curious :roll:
So i tried the undocumented telnet commands:

startmontask – startmontask [1…20]: starts buffer monitor broadcast
stopmontask – stopmontask - stops buffer monitor broadcast

They don’t work on the SM, just on the AP.
I issued the start command on one of my 8.2.2 AP and noticed nothing special.
Then, I issued the stop command and… unfortunately…
I lost the connection to my AP and nothing to do.
SM were registerd but traffic was blocked (ethernet and radio).

I had to drive to the mountain, to do a power restart, and the system is now up.

Don’t play with telnet :lol:

Why would you play with settings you don’t know about on a production Access Point in the first place?

Curiosity kills the cat. =D

AMDXtreme wrote:
Curiosity kills the cat

I tried again with another test AP in my lab and stopped working same way.