Data not populating for cnReach N500 units - cnMaestro 2.3.0 On-Prem

I am new to cnMaestro and Cambium in general, hoping this is an easy fix. We've got an N500 access point installed with 5 x endpoints connected to it. They are all onboarded into cnMaestro, nested properly into the tower site, and all was good to go. They are operating as normal and can access management interface without issue.

Yesterday for no apparent reason, the AP and 4 x endpoints stopped reporting any data to cnMaestro. All values are zeroed out. One endpoint is still reporting its data as normal. Without having to reboot devices (as they are in production), has anyone else run into this? I've attached a screenshot of what I'm seeing in cnMaestro. 

Hi aarondavis,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, May i have few more information like the OS and radio loads of the AP and EP devices. 

Also can you tell me how long the devices are operating (uptime) from last reboot.

Currenlty we are trying to reproduce this issue in our lab and as of now the workaround is to reboot the devices.

If you can share techdump of cnMaestro it will be helpful to debug more.



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Hi, sure thing. 

  • 5.2.18d
  • Loads are around 80kbps up and 10kbps down (peak)
  • Uptime is 12 days 17 hours