Data Port Configuration Mismatch our data port is showing Mismatch Detected

We are using PTP -58600. am getting my data port error. kindly guid me sole this issue.


"Ethernet fragments (runt packets) have been detected when the link is in full duplex. This indicates an auto-negotiation or forced configuration mismatch.”

The problem arises because the Ethernet port at the PTP 600 is configured differently from the connected Ethernet port (for example in a switch or router). The user should check for the same auto-negotiation, duplex and data rate settings at the ODU and in the network equipment. Ideally, the user should select auto-negotiation at the ODU and the network equipment. Fixed configuration often leads to mismatch problems.



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we have been experiencing the same for the case of PTP500. Note that this only happens when we use managed swtich/routers (CISCO).

Try to check if a firmware update for your swith/router is available. Updating fimrware for these network devices solved the issue as well.