Data Vlan on PMP like ePMP

How can I VLAN tag on a PMP sm like you can on ePMP?

On ePMP you can set a data VLAN.  The VLAN hits the wireless side tagged and then is sent as untagged out the ethernet port.

I have done this on PMP by entering the mac address of each device.  But this is very impractical if you have many devices connected to the SM with a switch.

Default Port VID on the SM does exactly what you want.

I tried that.  Here is my setup.

I have the AP set up with vlan 40 as the management vlan.  When I  set the "Default Port VID" to 40 on the SM I do not get untagged vlan 40 traffic.

If SM's "Management VID" and  "Default Port VID" are both 40, the traffic coming out of SM's ethernet port will be untagged.

Is "Management VID" on your SM is same as  "Default Port VID"?

Here is my config.  I have the default settings on the management vlan.  this is the SM

Is the SM connected to a switch, with other devices?

If so, is it a managed switch or an unmanaged switch?

If it is a managed switch, can you please double check the VLAN configuration on the switch?

I've sent you an IM, with my contact info.

Please call me, when you get a chance, to debug the issue.