Database Size Mitigation

I installed PrizmEMS yesterday on a Windows2003 server running PostGress SQL server.

We have about 30 APs in our network but only bought 20 licenses, no problem we have ordered more licenses.

The disk usage for this system with most of our 220 or so clients and 20 of our APs in management is growing at about 6 Mbytes per hour (140 Mbytes per day). Clearly this gives us a fairly short life on an 18 Gig drive.

I’ve looked over log files and other obvious settings that might mitigate the growth of the database.

What settings will help to minimize the growth rate of this database?

Thank you.


Have you looked into the pgadmin tool to see which table is growing at this rate? The only tables that typically grow are the Event/Alert Logs. And you can check to see what is getting logged that is resulting in this occurance.