DC surge Suppressor 200SSH

Hello Community,

I have a doubt about the 200 SSH Surge Suppressor. 

  1. Is it active for sale or not?
  2. Do I have to put it between the -48 VDC Facility and CMM4 DC power supply connectors? 
  3. Is it a mandatory or manufacture recomendation for all CMM4 (rack mount version) deployments and powered with -48 VDC Telco power supply facilities?

Thank you very much for your help.

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1) Yes, the 200SSH is still active and available.

2) This is a DC Surge suppressor.  It gets installed between the +56 VDC supply and the CMM4 inputs.  The CMM4 cannot accept -48 VDC, you'll need a DC-DC converter to get the voltage to at least +48 VDC prior to connecting to the CMM4 itself.

3) DC surge suppression is highly recommended to protect against DC surges.  Reminder that you'll need DC-DC converter in order to utilize a -48 VDC supply.  We have recommended the SD-200C-48 for this purpose.

What kind of radios are you attaching to the CMM4?

We have also just released the CMM5, which can accept -48 VDC power natively, and has gigabit ethernet ports.  You may want to consider this product instead.

is the 200ssh only for the cmm or can it be used for other radios/devices that require 48v dc power?

Also, where would i purchase it?