De-Icing Mt. Spokane tower

Need to cool off on a hot day? Wired or Wireless, a WISP located in Spokane Valley, Washington, USA shares this video of de-icing a tower equipped with Cambium equipment.


I don't envy the guys doing this, but it was cool to watch (no pun intended)! 

Really shows what the people and equipment in these networks have to put up with.

What's the main reason for it to be necessary? Wind-loading? Avoid chunks falling and breaking things in the spring?

I'm in Brazil.

Here we have more problems with algae and grass growing in the antennas than with stuff freezing..

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Ah, the accumulation of Ice degrades the signal and thankfully noise too, but ultimately signal loss degrades performance.  On the Backhauls, the ice has become so heavy it can break mounts.  Falling ice destroys all kinds of things.  This tower can build two or three feet of Ice/Frost overnight.  We sometimes have to clean it daily.  Cambium equipment and especially the multi color code selection in the SM has reduced our cleaning frequency significantly.  I'll take the algae and grass.  I bet you don't have to wear all that extra clothing and gear too.  It must be nice to be in Brazil.  


Man, you can almost climb that tower with ice climbing picks. We get pretty bad build up in the winter here in South Dakota, but nothing nearly that bad.

Hi Bill. Do you have any more videos of what the tower looks like in the summer weather?