Dead Beat Customer - How do I redirect their web traffic

I want to redirect web traffic from a few dead beat customers to my web site to inform them they need to contact my office immediately to restore their server. I have a Cisco 7800 series router with 12.4 IOS. I will change the VLAN of their SM in order to deliver the proper subnet of public IP’s to their system. I’m looking for some direction on the commands/procedures to accomplish this.
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In reading your question I had an idea… and posted it here :

And if you can do this, then have the default gateway/dns also be the webserver all in one (Perhaps a VM setup speficially for this). If that makes sense…

Also, look at this

Why don’t you just disconnect them? That will initiate a phone call for sure.

If they don’t call in a couple of weeks or whatever your defined timeline is, do what we do, go pull the equipment, send them a bill for the power supply that you cannot get to.


I can’t help you on the cisco, but we use a linux router between our clients and the rest of the NOC, and I use two lines to completely shut down all traffic and any web page they try to view goes to my “Not till you pay me” page.

-A PREROUTING -s -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j DNAT --to-destination my.web.ser.ver:82

my.web.ser.ver is the IP of the linux router, running an http server on port 82 that has the “Not till you pay me” page as index and 404. That way any request to port 80 returns the page.

Works much better than just shutting them off, because they don’t call up assuming something is wrong. It tells them exactly why they can’t go anywhere.