Debugging configuration errors

Configuration failures can occur within cnMaestro or within the device itself while trying to apply configuration changes.  It is helpful to understand where the error came from in order the debug and fix the problem.

Below is a list of possible errors generated by cnMaestro.  It is possible that low level errors may occur within cnMaestro that are not listed here, but if the error you are debugging is not in this list the error likely was generated by the device while applying configuration changes. 

For device-generated errors you should examine the error itself to see if some configuration setting is invalid and also check the device-side logs.  The Device Agent logs are where you should start.

  • 'Device timed out while waiting for update' occurs when the device does not send a configuration status update within five minutes of their last status update.  This is usually due to the device disconnecting from cnMaestro and rolling back configuration after 10-15 minutes, or if the device disconnects/reboots and reconnect to cnMaestro and forgets that it is in the middle of a configuration attempt.  There is logic now in cnMaestro to catch this specific corner case during registration for most cases if the device re-registers within five minutes.  This is the most typical internally generated error. 
    • To resolve this, verify that the network and connectivity settings should not cause the device to lose connectivity to cnMaestro.  For PMP and ePMP SMs, Radio settings that prevent connection to the AP can also cause this.
  • 'Could not find all templates/profiles required for configuration update' and 'Template ' + templateName + ' does not exist' occur if an AP Group or template is specified for a configuration job that no longer exists.  We prevent deleting AP Groups/templates when they are part of an unstarted or active configuration job so this should not not occur in practice.  Please contact customer support so we can understand how this scenario occurred.
  • 'No templates provided' and 'No profile mapped to device' are only possible if a device is auto-synced when it has no AP Group mapped to it.  This error has not occurred outside of development.  Please contact customer support so we can understand how this scenario occurred. 
    • To resolve this, verify that an AP Group is mapped to the device in question.
  • 'Invalid Default Gateway IP Address -' occurs when auto-set from device is enabled and the device reports its Gateway as 
    • This typically gets resolved after a device refresh.
  • 'Error while replacing device variables in template' occurs when something goes wrong while compiling a configuration file for the device.  This is usually related to replacement variables or overrides. 
    • Check that the User-defined overrides and Override values you've set against the device are valid.  Also check the template or User-Defined Overrides section of the AP Group to verify that replacement variables are set up correctly.
  • 'Specified template is not valid JSON' occurs if a template that should be in JSON format is not valid JSON.  This is caught in the UI when creating configuration templates to prevent this configuration-time error.  This is a legacy error and should not occur unless an old template is used from before this UI validation was added. 
    • This can be resolved by checking your template for valid JSON.  Use for help with this.