Define Networks/Security Profile

I wanted to know if my setup of prizm is the way other people are doing it. I’m defining a network for each tower site (all sites are using the same subnet), then adding infrastracture equipment per tower site that it is on.

Is this recommended? I’ll end up having about 30 different networks defined in prizm.

If this is recommended, I seem to have to setup the default password/snmp accounts for each network instead of it being inherited from default. The problem I’m seeing is that if I want to roll out a password change, I will have to create a username and password set for each of my 30 networks, then create a security profile for each network. Is that correct?


In my Prizm installation I use one network per large area (we have two) and each network has its own subnet. Aside from the sheer complexity in managing so many networks, a great benefit is having an entire subnet’s worth of IPs assigned to SMs automagically without worrying about overlaps, as well the SMs can easily be moved between APs within the same network just by changing their color code (from what I remember moving them between networks requires manual intervention - but it might just look that way to me).

Yes, if you want to update any passwords you will have to change each individual network’s Security Profiles.

I may have part of my network split into different networks for awhile, and the other part in one big prizm network to see if it is a big PITA.

Another question though… Can I get graphs of available for SM’s? My techs are used to seeing pretty green and red graphs for when SM’s are online/offline. Right now, I’m only seeing that I can bring up events per SM, but no graphic being available.


Click on the Statistics tab and visit the RF Link page. Lots of good stuff there.