Deleting Devices

We had to replace a ePMP SM that was already enrolled in cnMaestro.  Now, we have the new SM (which has been enrolled) and the old SM still remains in cnMaestro (but shows down).  How can I delete the old device?  I don't see a "delete" button anywhere.

You have to unclaim the device.

Go to Home->Onboard Deivices->Unclaim tab (screenshot attached)

Thanks.  In my opinion, there are a few things fundamentally wrong with this:

First, it seems backwards that to delete a device you have to go to the "Onboard Devices" section of the site.  I think you should be able to unclaim/delete a device from Monitor -> Inventory (the SM's dashboard).

Second, the Onboard Devices -> Unclaim offers no search functionality.  We currently have ~90 devices enrolled, and I had to scroll through page by page (which is limited to 25 devices per page) to find the device that needed to be deleted.

Just my .02.

Thanks alot for your feedback.

To answer your query

1) We keep all device management with cnMaestro under "Onboard Devices", its easy to rememeber both claim/unclaim in one place . (UI is very subjective and each user might have his/her own opinion, we take into consideration based on overall feedback).

And in general monitor section shouldnt allow any edit operation.

2) Search functionality is already taken care and will be available in cnMaestro 1.0.3 release (in another 2-3weeks time)