Deleting Multiple Child Elements at once


I just upgraded from a 450 AP to 450M. The Old AP with it's SM's was still in cnmaestro after the upgrade but red for obvious reasons. I cannot remove the AP with being told to remove all of it's children 1st. So.... Is there a way to delete 100 SM's fro the old list at once, or am I stuck deleting 1 at a time and having to go back and choose the AP, click on an SM and delete, repeat? This is extremely slow and clunky.

I just went ahead and delted all the SM's under the 2 AP's, then deleted the AP no problem. Now, the SM's are nowhere to be found after onboarding the new AP's. Got any suggestions onhow to get them all back?

If you log in to some of the clients, what is their cnMaestro status? You may have to re-onboard them.

Whenever I have replaced an onboarded AP, I see the same behavior, but all I had to do was onboard the new AP to get all the SMs to migrate to it. Then, I can delete the old, nonfunctioning AP without any problem.

It says Connecting in 3 minutes.

Some of them say: 

Resolving URL ( - From AP)

I figured it out, DNS is not resolving on the new subnet that we created when installing the new AP's.

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Glad you got it solved.

For others reading this thread in the future, it is possible to delete multiple devices at a time by navigating to the inventory view.  From here multiple devices can be selected a time and then be deleted by clicking the Delete button at the to right.  This view can be filtered to just SMs under an AP by navigating to the AP level in the left-hand tree.