Deploy cnMaestro V2.2 into a public cloud enviroment

Has anyone attempted to create a cnMaestro instance to V2.x requirments in a public cloud environment?  Specifically either Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

Given the high availability requirements to support CBRS (the heartbeat function), an outage means that your CBSDs will start to drop off in minutes and be hard-down from then on, potentially losing registrations and grants as well.     For PMP / CBRS, cnMaestro has gone from a monitoring / management tool to become a mission critical, in-line production application.  Seems  cloud environments are a natural fit with the high availability / backup and fallover protections they provide to computing applications and databases along with unmatched infrastructure security. 

We use V1.6 in Azure and it works fine for monitoring and pushing out updates.   The trouble starts with the latest versions. 

My team has looked at the requirments for V2.  and advise me that the "cluster" is evidently wedded to a server / data center enviroment and is not readily compatible with either provider's cloud solutions.   Cambium  has declined to provide any guidance as no public cloud deployments are supported. 

Any comments from Cambium product management and / or the community?  Has anyone a success story to relate?