Design - Layer 2/3


We are working on a design with 8 canopy in a ring architecture.
There will also be a redundant wireless link between AP1<–>AP6.

The number of APs and their locations have been essentially based on LOS requirements.

We were initially thinking of a layer 2 design with spanning-tree taking care of the loops but a more robust layer 3 design with OSPF or EIGRP seems to be more convenient in this particular architecture.

Anyone can advise on the recommended design based on previous installations?


you’r looking at a big headach to start fresh.

Layer 3 will be best performance easy well with the right gear.
layer 2 will be the easiest.

site 1 make say 10.0.1.x
site 2 make 10.0.2.x
site 3 make 10.0.3.x
ect ect

program in all of your routes and it will go, but 4 AP to SM links is going to get a bit up thier on latency not to mention pps load on your edge APs and lets say your 1st or last AP SM link fails the service to the last device is going to suffer badly.
i would not have 8 devices in your circle, add a few spokes in thier, maybe add a connection from number to 4 and 4 to eight to keep your lat and load spread out. using layer 3 you will get better use of load on the network provided you use routers that can handle the work load, thiers plently of crappy routers out thier that can make this setup and thru put nightmare and a unreliable, layer 2 is cheep easy but not so effective on the badwidth.

We use 802.1w but spent the cash to run fiber or PTP 500 and 600 links from tower to tower, well worth the money spent and we have added GEPON sevice to our network to really get the value out of the fiber.

if your going to go layer 3 and not spend the money on big backhauls, make sure you get GOOD routers, not these cheep 100$ guys and hope they work.