Determing current bandwidth usage on a given SM

Without using BAM or Prizm, Is there a way to tell the current bandwidth being used by a given SM? Not a link capability test, but what live data usage is.

Alternatively, is there a way to measure aggregate usage for the client (say to determine their monthly usage).

I’m assuming all you can do it use either the Ethernet Stats page of the select LUID, or one of the Expanded Stats pages then compare the difference in values across a specific number of seconds for current bandwith, and longer periods for aggregate usage.

But which values to use, and how to you convert those to approximate kbps?

I’m using 900MHz units at 7.3.6 in 2X hardware mode, if that matters, and not using BAM or Prizm (because I can’t justify the expense for my purposes).

If I know what page to look at and which values, I can write a small program to perform HTTP GET requests, parse the values, and compute throughput or usage based on the time differences between the requests.


PRTG does exactly what you are asking and ties to a Radius database.

We bought a 500 node license. We monitor every node on the newtwork including BH’s, switches, raouters, etc.

It will also give you alerts if a node goes over/under a preset threshold for a set amount of time.

I supose there’s nothing out there that’s free AND useful huh? :roll:

I think someone has had success with CACTI.

Jerry Richardson wrote:
PRTG does exactly what you are asking

Thanks much! I wasn't aware of PRTG, but it has a freeware edition limited to 3 sensors, but that works for my purposes since I only have one AP and one SM anyway. :)

And since I have just one SM, I can probably get meaningful figures from just the AP and not even consume any RF bandwidth on the data collection.

ais3101 wrote:
I supose there's nothing out there that's free AND useful huh? :roll:

Actually, Jerry's suggestion of PRTG is free for up to 3 sensors (at a time) and does look very useful.

Really? Sweet :smiley:
So for “testing” purposes (in my case) PRTG won’t cost me a thing?

ais3101 wrote:
Really? Sweet :D
So for "testing" purposes (in my case) PRTG won't cost me a thing?

Correct. You can define up to three sensors in the freeware version, and I assume you can delete one and add another for "testing" purposes on specific devices. See for more information.

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Thank you so much! :smiley: This is GREAT news for me!

ais3101 wrote:
Thank you so much! :D This is GREAT news for me!

Thank Jerry! I didn't know about this either. :)

Yes, THANK YOU Jerry! You’re such a big help to me and a lot of others here! :smiley: