Device Elevator RBLHG-5HPND-XL

I am looking for information to ELEVATE LGH5, can you pass me a link?
Thanks !!!

Hello @CesarG ,

to elevate your LHG5 you need:

  • PC with working Netinstall
  • TFTP server
  • corresponding vmlinux image, you can download it from here
  1. Configure PC with two addresses and
  2. Start Netinstall and configure Net booting: Boot Server enabled, Client IP address:
  3. Put downloaded image in TFTP root catalog and change its name to “vmlinux”
  4. Start flashing with Netinstall tool
  5. Netinstall via BOOTP will make your equipment to download vmlinux image from TFTP server. It will be reflected in Netinstall logs.
  6. Your station will restart with Elevate software
  7. Start ping to and wait aprox. 20 sec more after you get a response.
  8. Open in your browser and log in with admin/admin. Go to Tools → Software upgrade and use MIKROTIK-lhg5-v4.6.1.tar.gz image downloaded from here
  9. Then press Upgrade and reboot device.
  10. After reboot you will log in to elevated station.

Hey thanks for this info, im having issues loading the file vmlinux in netboot.
do we need to specify a new file type or something? error message “board supports versions from 6.44.6”

you can use IPBIN


  1. start IPBIN
  2. specify the binary file (can be anything you want)
  3. specify the network interface
  4. press the reset button on the Mikrotik device during power on (netinstall)

to avoid steps 2. and 3. you can write a simple startup script for IPBIN

with a PoE switch, a worker can flash around 100 devices/hour


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