Device fingerprint Access list

Be able to use device fingerprint to create an access list for a WLAN.

On other manufacturers there is an option to create an access list on a wlan that says:

They are able to identify the device at association.

Cambium already does this according to debug log:

Apr 26 16:21:26: wifid : E8-91-20-B5-13-08 from DHCP is [Android] (fpdb:Phone/Tablet:Generic Android)

This would be usefull for when we have a corp WLAN and a cell/internet WLAN.

Create a rule that says no android or ios allowed on corp WLAN (This saves making ACL with MAC blocking) forcing the users to only use the Cell/Internet WLAN

I know, it was a long time ago, but did you find a solution?

Cambium still does not do this…
So no

It’s sad, but thanks for the answer!