Device ‘Not In Sync’ common errors and their solutions for Wi-Fi 6, cnPilot & cnMatrix in cnMaestro

Summary: This article describes the common ‘Not in Sync’ errors and their resolutions.

When we see a device status ‘Not in Sync’ in cnMaestro and try to sync the device config and it’s not syncing or continuously giving/showing the same device status/error. We can refer to the below suggestions/recommendations to resolve/overcome this situation.

Error 1: “Device out of sync”: Configuration failed: wlan1_security: specified parameter not in supported list of values”

Solution: The error is stating ‘whatever security values we have set in WLAN are not supported with the current running device firmware.’ The majority of times this issue has been seen when a device is running on old firmware or such firmware where the configured WLAN security values/parameters aren’t supported. Hence, we can try upgrading the device to the latest firmware or to any firmware where it’s supported, and it should fix the issue ‘Not In Sync’:

For example: When a device is running on an old firmware and we have selected the ‘WLAN security’ as ‘WPA2/WPA3 Pre-Shared Keys’, and the device status is showing as ‘Not In Sync’:

Error 2: Device Not In Sync Configuration failed: interface_vlan: subnet clash with other interface

This error is mostly seen while syncing an AP config in cnMaestro when there are two VLANs having IP conflicts.

Solution: Please navigate to the AP > Configuration > other VLANs > Verify which VLAN shows the same IPv4 address same as the management VLAN (cnMaestro VLAN) > Click on the ‘Edit’ of that VLAN > Uncheck ‘IPv4 Address Override’ > Save

Once the config is saved, please make the device status show ‘In Sync’.

Note: In the management VLAN we don’t need to make any changes.

cnMatrix Switch: Device out of sync:

Error 1: Not IN SYNC: Configuration failed: cnDaiIfCfgEntry index 26 Invalid index, cannot create new rows

This error is seen when the Switch is running on the 4.3-r3 firmware version and we try to configure/add port channels to the Switch from cnMaestro.

Solution: The config pushed successfully, and this error is resolved / Switch doesn’t show ‘out of sync’ anymore as soon as we upgrade the cnMatrix switch to the 4.4-r3.

Tested cnMaestro and cnMatrix versions are below:

cnMaestro 3.1.1-r60

cnMatrix 4.4-r3