Device Operating Systems

What is the Native Operating System on Canopy 11.2 AP-DES Access Points (PMP.49OFDM.AP)

, Canopy 10.3.2-SM-DES Subscriber Modules (PMP.49OFDM.SM), Cluster Management Modules CMM4.3.0 (PMP.CMM4), and EtherWan Switches FRMW (1.91.0 09/06/11 15:55:51).  My Network security group is flagging them as Windows OS 2003.

Everything in your list except for the EtherWAN switch runs the same Operating System.  We run uC/OS-II, which is a real-time embedded OS.   For the EtherWAN switch, I'm not sure what their OS is, but I'm quite certain it isn't any flavor of Windows.  :)

The EtherWAN switches look like they're running some embedded Linux - they smell like BusyBox