Device Overrides fault ?

Today we faced an annoying bug(?) about ip address changing using device overrides options. More specific on a device with static address on it we tried to put it on a ap group(with default network options, dhcp on) and every time we waited for a long period and we got this message 'Initiated configuration update operation.'. If i select dhcp on access point's internal interface and give another try on sync everything is working fine, but when i use device overrides to give the device a static ip , we take the same message 'Initiated configuration update operation.' and the procedure seem to be stopped.

Does the configuration eventually complete successfully or does it fail by timeout?  Failure by timeout can take up to 6 minutes.  You can check this in the job details.

Configuration can take longer when the device's IP changes (static vs DHCP) due to having to reconnect to cnMaestro before the final steps can complete.

Thats right, we should wait for a little bit longer. Actually at the first attemp of the sync the procedure failed (timeout) but the second try has fixed the problem.

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Today i faced the following, on a static ip assigned e500 when i joined it on ap group on cnmaestro, and used the vlan overrrides it loosed the ip on gateway and on dns, so it could not connect on cnmaestro anynmore

jdres, can you send me a screenshot of the device overrides that you set for that device's VLAN?  Specifically, I am interested in if "Auto-set from device" is enabled or how the overrides are explicitely entered.

Have you set any values in the AP Group for Gateway or DNS Servers?



The network options on ap group are untouched. As i see the dhcp enable access points are working great but when i'm using device overrrides for setting a static ip on them i'm loosing the gateway and dns values..

Please capture a tech support file from the device after a configuration failure and email it to me jordan.stipati [.at.]  I will use this to verify the last configuration was actually pushed to the device that caused the disconnection.

The tech support file can be generated by clicking the Tools tab at the device level in cnMaestro and then clicking the hand grabing a wrench icon "Download Tech Support File".

Is what the DHCP server normally assigns as Gateway and DNS Server 1 to your other devices?  Is outside of your DHCP pool?

Right now it's not possible to make any changes because i'm on a site out of my office and i want to complete my work here (may be tommorow i'll try to export that tech support file). The gateway and dns are the same as dhcp assigned to the clients but the override ip of device is out of the dhcp pool (the network is and the range of client is to