Devices incorrectly showing offline in cnMaestro 3.2.0

After the latest update, in the cloud, all devices appear to be offline, but that’s not real. If I look at every single AP, it’s online. Is there a solution to this problem?


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Somethink is wrong with 3.2.0
Online time longer than uptime ???
Please check it !!!

Hi @pshemo,
Good Morning !!!
With same device type in 3.2.0, We are not observing this behavior.

Could you please help us in understanding the issue in detail, Please confirm is this issue with only particular device or particular device type or for all devices


There is some issue with some servers.
After 30 minut after 3 disconnection (automatic) with cnmaestro time is set correctly.
I feel this on the devices e510 and e410 on the server

Problem still exist on this server.
Sometimes some of the hotspot is listed as offline but is green and online !?!?
In the log I can see somethink like this ?

Hotspot is online, bo no message STATUS_UP ?!?
Please check this server, only on this one I have this issue/

Another server, same situation. This is no longer a coincidence, this is a bug in 3.2.0.
I hope you’ll get the hang of it soon, because you’ll write in a classic way that the error doesn’t exist or can’t be reproduced.

This error is not just online time. Even though the devices are green and available, there is an offline notification in cnMaestro?!
Only its manual confirmation deletes it in the statistics.
Gentlemen, look well for what’s going on, because it’s starting to cause trouble :frowning:

Update the dns server at the network tab to google dns

Thank you for your valuable advice, but it was not related to DNS but errors in cnmaestro cloud.
Second, using google’s DNS is passe

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Using ANY 3rd party DNS.

I use any other dns. Not how it relates to this case because it wasn’t a DNS problem. Please, let’s end this pointless discussion.